E1. Mi Xao (Beef, Chicken, or Seafood)

         Egg noodle stir-fry with mix vegetables, and home-made sauce

                  Beef       $12.95

             Chicken  $12.95

             Seafood  $13.95

The Broth is simmered with a host of Herbs, Ginger, Anise Cloves, Cinnamon, The Rice Noodles are soft and tender. It comes topped with Onions, Cilantro, Scallions and your choice of meats.  Add on side Basil, Bean Sprouts, Jalapenos, a twist of Lime or Lemon. the ultimate Vietnamese comfort food.


M1. Grilled Lemongrass Pork

M2. Grilled Lemongrass Beef

M3. Grilled Lemongrass Chicken

M4. Tofu and Vegetables

M5. Cold cut


P2. PHỞ Tái

         Rare Beef only



​D3. Home Make Thai Ice Tea  $4.00

P4.PHỞ  Chín  bo vien

         Well Done Beef and Meat Ball

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange Fanta, Nestea, and Mr. Pibb( Refills 1.00)

P5.PHỞ Tai Gan

         Rare and Tendon


P10. Phở Xào (shrimp and chicken)

P11.Phở Xào: Mix vegetables Only

P12.Phở Xào: Chicken Only

A4. Lemongrass Chicken Salad  $8.95


​​BB. Bún Bò Huế 

Spicy Noodle Suop


C6. Cơm Thịt Nướng + Egg Roll  $ 12.95

         Grilled Lemongrass Pork chop and 

         Egg roll served over steamed rice

Rice DIshes

A1. Goi Cuon (2) $4.99

          Fresh Spring Rolls: Shrimp ,Pork,Lettuce, Mint,               Cilantro and Vermicelli wrapped in rice Paper.                             (Home made peanut sauce)

Fresh sMOOTHIES  : $5.00

C2. Cơm Chiên  Fried Rice  10.95           Choice your protien

          Chicken, BBQ Pork, or Shrimp

​​​​​​Take Out Order Large Side Only

C3. Cơm Dia: Heo, Bo, Ga  $ 10.95

          Lemongrass Pork, Beef, or Chicken served

         over steamed rice

A5. Banh Xeo ( Vietnamese Pan  Cake ) $12.95

          Vietnamese crepe with bean sprouts, green onion,                 shrimp, pork or tofu served with lettuce wraps.

ThePho Le 777

      ​​​​​​All sandwiches are $6.99

C4. Cơm Sường Nướng + Fried EGG  $ 12.95

         Grilled pork chop and fried egg on steamed rice.

egg Noodle Dishes STIR-FRY

A7 Vietnamese Chicken Wings (8 ) $9.95
· sticky sweet and savory chicken wings recipe with fish sauce, garlic and sugar marinade. Deep fried chicken wings are delicious and addictive!


C7. Cơm Bò Lúc Lác  $ 14.95

         Tender cubes of filet mignon marinated              in red wine, sauteed in butter, garlic, and          served over steamed rice

A2. Goi Cuon Chay (2) $4.99

          Vegetarian Spring Roll .  Tofu, Lettuce,                 Mint and vermicelli wrapped in rice paper.

C5.Cơm Sường Bò  $14.95

     ​    Beef Short Ribs served over rice

Vietnamese Sandwiches

Bánh Mì

P3.PHỞ Thịt Chín

         Well-Done Beef

A cool mix a Rice Noodles, lettuce, Bean Sprouts, grilled Shallots, and Peanuts seasoned homemake Fish sauce. Topped with grilled Lemongrass meat, and / or  Egg Roll for  a fresnhingand filling meal

A French influence that has become the daily flare of all of Vietnam. You no longer have to go all the way to the origin for a toasted French load stuffed full of goodness. We fill ours with homemade pickled daikon, carrots, cucumber, mayo, soy sauce, peppers, cilantro, and your choice of meats.

Rice Noodle Stir-fry

(Rice noodle stir-fry sauteed in a light garlic and oyster sauce with bean sprouts, scallions onion, and peanut)


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Thuc Uong & Trang MienG

Beverages and Desserts


A3.Egg Roll (2) Cha Gio  $4.99

         Crispy deep fried roll of grounded pork and


​​BK. Bò Kho  Served with Bread or Rice Noodle


D4. Nuon Chanh Tuoi  $5.00

       ​  Fresh Lemonade

P9. PHỞ Hai San  (L) $12.95 (M) $11.95

        Seafood Pho: Shrimp, Squid, mix Vegetables,                                 and imitation Crab in Chicken broth

Special Vietnamese BeefStew($13.95)

D5. Ice Cream  $3:00


                          Large $ 11.99    

*Medium  $10.99  *Small $9.99                      *Kid Pho $5.99.

​​V1. Bun 777 Dac Biet  $13.95

   Vermicelli, Egg Roll, Shrimp,and Grilled Lemongress Pork, Beef , or Chicken

All Soft Drinks $2.00 - Hot Tea $3.00 - Ice Tea  $2.00

P6.PHỞ Tai Chin

         Rare and Well-Done Beef

​​V2 Bun Thich Nuong $11.95

   Vermicelli,  Grilled Lemongress Pork, Beef , or Chicken

Fresh Strawberries,  Avocado,  Jackfruit, Watermelon, Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Banana

A6. Combination Platter  $12.95

          1 Fresh Spring Roll, 1 Egg Roll, Lemongrass Chicken,

           Pork and Beef.

Phone: (559) 297-7776

*Prices may change without notice

P7. PHỞ Gà ( Chicken Pho )

         Chicken Noodle Soup


P8.PHỞ Rau Cai  (L) $11.95  (M) $10.95

         Vegetarian Broth , Chicken Broth or Beef Broth

*Add Boba: $1.00

C8. Catfish Filet with Ginger  $14.95

          Deep-fried Catfish filet served with home              made ginger

 SP1. PHỞ 777

           777 Spacial: Rare Beef, Well Done                  Beef, Meat Ball.Tendon and                            Shredded Tripe

D2. Nuoc Dua Troi  $5.00

      ​   Fresh Young Cocunut Juice

D1. Ca Phe Sua Da  $5.00

         Vietnamese Coffee